Ministry Grants



The purpose of these grants is to support the missions and ministry activities of the LRBA churches and partner ministries.
Please note the following:


1.      Applicants must file an application form annually, found online at
2.  Applications must be postmarked or e-stamped by December 15.
3.  Grants will be disbursed by no later than March 31. Only one application per ministry. A list of items and/or program areas for which you are requesting funding may be included in question 5 on the application. 
4.  Applications must include a budget for the ministry.
5.  The ministry must be affiliated with at least one the following: (1) an actively participating LRBA church or ministry, (2) an approved Kingdom Partner that adheres to an approved doctrinal statement or an approved theological questionnaire.
6.   Accountability: Applicants who have received a grant in a prior year must complete the accountability section on the grant application to be considered for another grant.
7.  A Federal Tax Identification Number must be provided. This should be the federal identification number for the organization to whom the check is to be made payable. Federal law now requires us to obtain this number. Grant checks may not be payable to individuals.
8.  Funding Request
Primary consideration will be given to actively participating LRBA churches. Recognizing the limited amount of monies available during any given year, the number and amount of grants will be determined by the greatest Kingdom impact possible.
Allocation requests must be made annually and past funding is not a guarantee of future funding.




  M & M Team Guidelines

Mail completed application to:      
                         Louisville Regional Baptist Association                         
                         Attn: Mission & Ministry Team
                         960 S 3rd St, Ste 100
                         Louisville, KY 40203-2216
or email completed application to: